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The remedy for me is to love.

SCIO, Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson

Who created the term “Quantum medicine”
Who created the first “Quantum Consciousness Interface” known as QXCI
Who discovered the Xrroid process, Subspace and the Trivector field
(besides many other terms he does not know how to explain)
Who got the FDA register the first Quantum device in history called EPFX
(sorrily for him that the FDA already 19 years later found out that he misbranded it as “biofeedback” device, and now revoked the registration and declared an import ban )
Who brought Apollo 13 safely back from the moon (see details below)
Has jumped another Quantum Leap
He crossed over in female territory (also called forbidden zone in quantum theory)
And now calls himself

Bill Nelson - Desire
Bill Nelson - Desire Bill Nelson - Desire
Bill Nelson - Angel of God Bill Nelson - Angel of God Bill Nelson - Angel of God
Bill Nelson - leftv Bill Nelson - leftv
So it it is clear this woman has changed the world ... or in her own words:
Bill Nelson - Desire
And it is therefore understandable that she has found thousands of followers everywhere in the world like :
Gernot Gauper (distributor for SCIO in Austria and distributor of a sensational hair growth formula. See this page)
Gernot Gauper
Please see this page about Gernot Gauper
SCIO Europe
And many more to come... ...
And of course we want not to forget the many organizations that honor him with using the term he “quantum medicine” he created by using this name or inviting him to their conferences:

Melisa Gerrard
From: Kiran Schmidt
Date: Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 8:48 AM
Subject: a nother page online
To: "Melissa Gerrard (QHS Aps)"

Hello Melissa

this week I had another reason to verify that the quantum-alliance is not so Innocent as they make you believe. Their Austrian SCIO distributor Gernot Gauper filed a complain against us with the austrian officials stating that we are selling a medical device without proper registration only because I rejected his interest in becoming a distributor for CoRe as I saw that this only motivation was MONEY. please see part of the story here:

Please understand that I follow the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi and Wilhelm Reich in that I certainly reject any reason as legitimate that would justify violence or physical aggression

But I feel as they that the truth has to be stated in a form that is possibly very uncomfortable to some. In no place on this site or in my seminars I would go down to personal defamation and all that you see on this site are just copies of material and not my invention but again to see it in this context might be something that feels offensive to those who were trying not to see it for too long.

I offered you to respect all the standards that you would set at your conference in September to uphold a spirit of HARMONeY at this event .... but never the less you rejected my offer to be a presenter.

I see therefore that you respect and spirit of the Quantum-world and honor the person that gave the name to this form of medicine Bill Nelson by incorporating it in your conference and company name.

I feel that it is justified that I list you on his page as one of those who make the continuation of the nonsense possible that endanger the health of many people who trust on it and the future of energy medicine in general by not allowing that opposite opinions are expressed at a conference that is attempting to give the impression that they offer an unbiased overview of the currently available tools and ideas in this field.

Kiran Schmidt
Director ~ Inergetix Inc.


Melisa Gerrard Hi Melissa I would have saved my words if I had known that the Copenhagen Conference ( is organized by the competition - XEDE international - so no wonder they did not let me speak, they want to fool the public with the idea that this conference is not just a marketing trick.

Kiran Schmidt

*To avoid misinterpretation of words such as energy-medicine, informational-medicine, treat, cure, diagnose, illness, disease, remedy and spiritual healing please study our Vision & Mission and Disclaimer pages carefully. CoRe System users in the USA are required to read and accept these interpretations.

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The remedy for me is to love.
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