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The remedy for me is to love.

John of God

Words are not possible

Kiran Schmidt meets with Arthur Rios who has been at the Casa dom Ignacio for 12 years and helping John of God to help and heal many of those hundreds who daily come to his clinic in Abadiania / Brazil in search of healing, inspiration or guidance. Arthur has a site

Crystal Bath

Kiran Schmidt shows you the Crystal Bath at John of God and explains how energy has to be understood as the carrier of information and that Energy, that had mistakenly become the master of our thinking and world view, has to return to where it came and be the servant again for healing and spiritual connection...

Spirit Software

Kiran Schmidt invites you to the House Dom Ignacio where hundreds every day meet John of God and find healing, inspiration or even life changing insight. He explains how he see spiritual intervention and that to make contact with spiritual entities is in fact a way to make a connection to the software, the mental body, the ideas and knowledge that eminent men have left behind when leaving their body. Healing for Joao de Deus is grace of God facilitated with the help of spiritual entities that he transmits.


Dear Friends of Energy and Informational Medicine

John of God - Spiritual Healer

I am writing this page in December 2007 from Abidiania in the center of Brazil. After independently at two of my seminars I had participants come up to me and tell me that they had been healed by the Brazilian Medium called "JOHN OF GOD" I considered this a meaningful coincidence and booked my flight to Brasilia.

When I was there in August for the first time I was so impressed with the fact that this healer was seeing 1 to 2 thousand people a day since almost 50 years here in the center of Brazil apparently with great healing success whereas I had not even heard of him until that point. He has his clinic in Abidiania a little town about 120 km away from the capital Brasilia

My first visit was relatively uneventful but left a deep impression on my mind and heart that I knew I had to come back soon. I knew that in order to make a deeper contact I had to show my dedication in making another effort in coming here again. I knew that this place would offer me to learn many things about my own business, that of Energy and Informational Medicine.

Coming back 4 month later after holding a seminar in Sao Paulo I arrived Wednesday 2 pm and went right to the afternoon session of John of God, which basically means to stand in line with another 1000 people, some of them on crutches or in wheelchairs until it would be my turn to meet John of God and be able to present him my request.

Usually this meeting only lasts for about 4 seconds in which John of God either gives a short advice, hands one a prescription or sends one for spiritual surgery into the next room, however this time John of God asked me "what I was doing". After I told him I was making a medical system that works on energetic and spiritual principles (I did not use the word informational to make the translation easier) he send me to sit in this room with about 100 other people in meditation while the long line of visitors passed him by.

However within a few minutes he stood up and called me to assist him with a physical eye surgery and asked me to hold a tray with knifes. So this was my chance to observe a surgery only from a few feet way. John of God took a knife from the tray I was holding and scraped the eye of the patient sitting on a chair. Afterworlds the person got up by himself and apparently without pain.

This was not even one of the more spectacular physical surgeries that John of God practices here almost on a daily basis because it did not include cutting, removing tissues or blood.
However at the end he had me sit in front of him and asked me if it was possible to bring my device to him as he knew it and wanted to make some changes to it.

I am excited about this new and unexpected connection, not only because I know John of God will be able to make significant and beneficial informational changes to the CoRe system but also because I know this meeting will only be the beginning to make new insights into the principles of Energy and Informational Medicine possible.

I do not want to give only praise for the work of this amazing man as there are very good books out there like

or web sites like:

but give my perspective on how his work relates to that of Energy and informational Medicine.

As everywhere else there is a lot of confusion in terms of the language used as about everything John of God is doing is called Energy work. However it is obvious that with our more specific use of words he is practicing informational healing also often referred to as spiritual healing:

In my understanding there is only a difference in words as he

  1. treats without actual physical energy
  2. can effect healing at a distance
  3. needs only a photo of a person to be treated
  4. is imprinting herbs, water or crystals with healing information
  5. can heal instantaneously
  6. is in a DLE state in his life and his sessions

All the above are characteristic features or informational healing and not of energy healing. However the contemporary dogma/fashion of explaining everything that cannot be explained in conventional terms as "Energy healing" is also the practice here by most observers.

What makes the work of John of God so extraordinary is the scale of his work, his dedication and his rate of success.

His work is generally explained in the spiritist terms of Alan Kardec who established a the theoretical basis of modern day spiritism almost 200 years ago. However with the new understanding we gain in using computer generated distant evaluation and balancing possibilities we are able to see this work from a new perspective.

Spiritists view their work as making a connection to spirits that eventually do the work through the medium. Spirits are considered human beings but without a physical body.

Several hundred years ago man learned to use artificial forms of energy for example to cook his meals or heat his house. Today with the advent of computers we learn to use artificial thought forms to do what until now was only possible with natural thought forms like spirits and/or the intention of psychic healers.

However just like in the beginning of artificial energy generation we are still far away from imitating the power and effectiveness of the use of natural thought forms as in spiritism compared to that what we can do to the present point with computer generated thought pattern.

This is the reason why providence has brought me here to Abidiania to lean more of the facts involved from one of the greatest healers of our day and maybe of all times as the miracles I am able to witness here is of biblical proportion.

I can only invite you to come here

"Seeing is Believing"

with love for John of God's work


Click on the images below to view full size.

John of God with Kiran and Debora

John of God with Kiran and Debora

John of God with Kiran and Debora

Soon after we created this page we received several questions like this one:

Dear Kiran,
A couple of people read in the website that you showed John of God the system and are wondering what came out of that.
or that:
On the website it stated that the machine was reviewed by John of God, what information can you tell me about that?

Kiran's Replay:

Just like his spiritual surgeries you do not see anything and still things are done.
The work he does visibly is only to create belief but is not essential, as he says.
So I know he did something, probably less of a technical nature, but informationally, and this was done not to the device we had there only but to the very universe of CoRe itself,which also includes the growing acceptance and success of CoRe, and is the reason for its potential to help and protect individuals...

Anyway, besides the 3 times I was with him in 2007 I will meet him again this year to learn ever more about informational healing.


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*To avoid misinterpretation of words such as energy-medicine, informational-medicine, treat, cure, diagnose, illness, disease, remedy and spiritual healing please study our Vision & Mission and Disclaimer pages carefully. CoRe System users in the USA are required to read and accept these interpretations.

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The remedy for me is to love.

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