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The remedy for me is to love.

Dr. Kiran Schmidt - Inergetix Founder

Kiran : Important dates in my life

1962- Born in Stuttgart/Germany

1984 - 1st price in the German competition “Young inventors”

First US and International Patent for the development of methods and devices to analyze electromagnetic radiation (US patents 4822169 and 4671660) This device was the first of its kind that could measure all polarization characteristics of light in real time.

1986 - Founding of the Instrument Systems Corp. Munich.

Instrument Systems now under the sole leadership of my former business partner Richard Distl has become one of the top companies to produce instrumentation for all kinds of light measurements.
Further Inventions and Developments:
First Real Time HPLC Polarimeter
Smallest Real Time Spectrometer
Wavelength Tunable Lightsource

1989 - Discovering the power of Homeopathy

via my first, by-chance ???, success in treating my wives salmonella infection in Naples/Italy

1990 - Sale of my share in Instrument systems and move to India for 5 years to study and practice Homeopathy

This was not only a great introduction into the world of homeopathy but also the world of India that never stops to amaze and challenge one to expand ones level of acceptance.

1995 - Move to California Start to develop the Inergetix CoRe system

2003 - Starting to work with Electrodermal screening

And finding that EDS / EAV is just as subjective as a pendulum

2003 - addition of the energetic components to the Inergetix CoRe system which until then was a purely informational (radionic) system

I realized in my work with Homeopathy that it is a purely informational modality and that it alone can do great work just as the first version of the Inergetix CoRe system, but that the addition of energetic modalities for sound, electric, magnetic and light treatment would vastly extend its use as any living organism is both information and energy.

2004 - Discovering the principle of DLE Dynamic Labile Equilibrium

The understanding that a labile equilibrium between the different polarities is the basis for health and evolution and that static equilibrium is the reason for disease and eventually death. This concept has become the overall guiding force in my life that makes me find new possibilities of healing as well as develop the CoRe System and guides me to live my life based on this principle.

2005 - The event that had by far the greatest effect on my life was the car accident in Egypt in which I lost my dear wife and my good friend and myself was in Coma for one month.

Please view my visual homage to my dear Cassandra and Daniela here :

This event that showed me the need to make good use of my life and that the best for now is to develop the Inergetix CoRe system into a tool that can help many people on an energetic, informational and conscious level.

2006 - start of my perpetual seminar tour to all countries of the world

Seminar in Malaysia
Already in the year following my accident, cured by providence and the CoRe, I visited 25 countries giving seminars as I do now every year and thus meeting more co-patriots in our aim to help relieve the suffering in the world.

2006 - Understanding of the holographic nature of our existence

The Hologram generator is not only the heart of the CoRe system but also the element common in the diverse forms of holistic modalities like Ear acupuncture, Iridology, Reflexology, Hair analysis. The fractal above is the geometric representation of this principle.

2007 - Meeting my new Love Debora and the place that I feel is paradise for me

Some photos of Dr Kiran Schmidt and places he visited around the world

Quotes from the founder

"I understood that the 2 serpents in the Aesculapius sign symbolize the two polarities that have to surround us to make DLE or life and health in general possible.
The serpent itself has a divided tongue and was tempting Eve in Paradise and because Eve accepted the temptation and also offered it to Adam, too, they had to leave Paradise. Now this was not a punishment as from this moment they had accepted the challenge of living with DLE, with polarities, which itself only makes spiritual evolution possible. Many people today want to go back to Paradise of this form where there is no serpent, no temptation, nothing dark..... or in short no polarity.....not understanding that this would stop their evolution."

"Be on your toes" is a proverbial expression that means "Be awake" and looking at it from our point of view we understand that "being on ones toes" physically is a DLE state that allows for more alertness. This is what the yogic tree pose, high heels and ballet have in common, they have an awakening power.

In the Lords prayer it says "and lead us not in temptation", which we can now understand is either a latter addition or a translation error as "temptation" is a life-giving and mental health-maintaining way of nature, because it creates a mental DLE, that only increases in more spiritual people. Parents know that "temptations" are the way to built discrimination..... if it is taken away by too dogmatic education children will not grow up into self-dependent adults but only sheep like creatures that need fixed rules that do not leave room for temptation.

*To avoid misinterpretation of words such as energy-medicine, informational-medicine, treat, cure, diagnose, illness, disease, remedy and spiritual healing please study our Vision & Mission and Disclaimer pages carefully. CoRe System users in the USA are required to read and accept these interpretations.

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The remedy for me is to love.
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