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The remedy for me is to love.

Introduction to Multiwave Oscillators

The multiwave approach to electromagnetic treatment is outdated

When electromagnetic waves were first discovered, Lakhovsky was one of the first to test in which way they could also be used to treat disease. He built a very primitive emitter of electromagnetic waves, which simply generated a mixture of wavelengths, that he called a multiwave oscillator. Some of the people he placed in front of his antenna got good results from this exposure and thus there are still people building and using his original designs.

Treatment with electromagnetic waves did not however start with Lakhovsky but is as old as the sun, because the sun has been treating the planet Earth since its beginning with a multiwave mixture of electromagnetic waves that we call white light. This light serves as both food and healing agent to plants and all living creatures. In fact there are many more forms of electromagnetic radiation that are apparently essential to our good health, so-called Schumann frequencies and other frequencies that are created by electromagnetic waves being selectively reflected by the different layers of the Earth’s ionosphere.

Interestingly, the sun has its highest emission in the green range and therefore if plants would have been optimized only for what is best for them, their chlorophyll would have been designed to absorb this range more than other ranges. However, quite to the contrary, most plants refuse to take frequencies in the green range, which is why plants are green. This means that the amount of electromagnetic radiation within a given range that is good for an individual is a very individualized property and is dependent on many complex parameters, even including the environment.

What promoters of multiwave equipment often do rot realize is that today, in contrast to during the time of Lakhovsky, there is an overabundance of multiwaves in our environment, which we call electro-smog. Whichever electromagnetic frequencies our bodies really need, they have plenty to choose from. We are basically immersed in a multitude of wavelengths. There are not only the mega- and giga-hertz frequencies of mobile telephones and computers, but also the lower frequencies of long wave radio and the even longer wavelength of our AC currents, all of which have plenty of harmonic components towards the longer as well as the shorter wavelengths. We can even guess that electro-smog may also unknowingly be curative for some people, as everything that can make one ill also has the power to heal.

What we need today are not more multi-wave emitters but intelligent equipment that can probe for resonant frequencies in the client and supply only the frequencies the body really asks for. In a completely healthy person, even that would not be necessary as the body provides its own immunity on the plane of electromagnetic frequencies just as well as it does on the plane of chemicals or microbial life forms. However, many people today have a damaged immunity towards electromagnetic radiation because of over-exposure and because our electromagnetic environment is changing too rapidly for evolutionary adaptation.

The Inergetix-CoRe System realizes a solution for this need and is going far beyond the limited approach of early multi-wave equipment in that it allows the user to scan for resonant frequencies in the client and then output those frequencies in a variety of ways, either as electricity, sound, or via the plasma generator as a combination of light and electric as well as magnetic fields. Electromagnetic modalities will be a large part of future medicine, because the threat of electromagnetic radiation from our ever more technical environment has to be balanced, but this balancing must be done not with a multi-wave approach but in an intelligent, selective way that uses feedback mechanisms.

Free multiwave oscillator comparison with and a demo of the CoRe System

*To avoid misinterpretation of words such as energy-medicine, informational-medicine, treat, cure, diagnose, illness, disease, remedy and spiritual healing please study our Vision & Mission and Disclaimer pages carefully. CoRe System users in the USA are required to read and accept these interpretations.

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The remedy for me is to love.
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