23, November, 2014 - Newsletter
BEaMEr creates Heartbeat-harmony - More presence and less anxiety with Bio-LaesEr
The White Whale
BEaMEr creates Heartbeat- harmony
The Electrocardiogram is not only 100 times stronger than the Electroencephalogram but also is a very sensitive indicator to emotion and thought – we can see this quantitatively with the Heart-ratevariability. Read More
I am Ishmael
More presence and less anxiety with Bio- LaesEr
I had to deal very much with anxiety in my life but after having 9 sessions with the Bioresonance LaesEr nothing is able to bother me anymore. Very rapid changes on all Read More
The Albatross
See a listing of all that is in the CoRe database
The Inergetix-CoRe System gives the practitioner great flexibility in analysis and balancing for humans, animals, plants and bio- systems. You can choose the Read More


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The Albatross
Three steps to use the BEaMEr heartbeat pattern evaluation
To start working with the BEaMEr is as easy as this, 1. Erase memory 2.Record Heartbeat pattern 3. Select "CoRe program selection" and let the BEaMEr evaluate the heartbeat Read More
The Albatross
Der BEaMEr findet patientenspezifische Frequenzen
Der BEaMEr ist ein vollständiges Biofeedback system in portablen Dimensionen. Frequenzen können direkt von einem mp3 player oder einem Komputer Read More
The Albatross
CoRe Health Navigator Seminar, Zegreb, Octobe - 2014
CoRe Health Navigator Seminar - Impressions from the Croatia seminar with Marco Paulo - Watch whole Gallery at Flicker website with all participants Read More