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MedCam 2015 – Homeopathic Rife plasma therapy - Dr.Keith Scott-Mumby

The White Whale
3 day congress – 60 presenters 8-9-10 May 2015, Bardolino
Preparations for MEDCAM 2015 are in full swing; the annual appointment with the International Congress of Non Conventional Medicine and Holistic Sciences is upon usRead More
I am Ishmael
Gratitude the basis of health and the goal of spirituality
I am in Thailand and was invited to one of the many offering ceremonies. Hundreds of Thais sit on the floor on a supermarket parking lot at 7 in the morning.Read More
The Albatross
Dr Keith Scott-Mumby takes an inspired look at concept Eigen-Resonance
Dr Scott-Mumby has written books about Cancer, Allergies, Anti-Aging, Heart Health, Mind Health besides several other topics and is particularly interested in Energy medicine and is now working on a Read More




Dear Friends,

Over 150 participants this weekend at MedCam – if you want to have a few great days at the Garda lake you can still register. My gratitude to Dr Keith Scott-Mumby for making me have a preview of his new book and allowing me to post now and in the next few newsletters some parts of it.

*China being our strongest market - I will do a presentation in Shanghai next week.*



The Albatross
Homeopathic Rife Plasma Therapy
Royal Rife was deeply influenced by the Allopathic healing philosophy of the 20th century. The success of Anti-biotics, anti-histamin, anti-pruritic, anti-diuretic, anti-hypertensive …. had a great part Read More
The Albatross
How to use duality – how to less waste suffering – how to become more
I had a longer conversation with my friend Nirmala, which started about the various new stressors of our health in form of electro-smog through Read More
The Albatross
Redesigned Rife Plasma Generator with some introductory
Presentation of our redesigned Rife Plasma Generator with some introductory ideas how and why it works and what Resonance has to do with the Law of Read More