20, December, 2014 - Newsletter
Universal Acupuncture stimulator - Infrared Pads – Weightloss and much more..
The White Whale
Amazing results with the Infrared pads
Client suffered from severe pain in the left side of the back. Core Evaluation show that client resonate with Kidney stone. Client confirmed the history of the Kidney stone. I decided to use BBR in combination with Rife. Read More
I am Ishmael
The discoverer of the AIDS virus finds
This is a fascinating new science story that confirms several theoretical assumption that we have been working with in energetic and informational medicine. Luc Montagnier was the one who discovered in 1982Read More
The Albatross
4 years of artificial feeding ended with CoRe Therapy
Fast forward April 2014 someone told me about Helga and the rife machine that she uses and I had to try it I had nothing to loose sure enough I had a treatment around 11 and showed some really bad bacteria Read More


Another year is ending and I wish you a happy Christmas and NEW YEAR and most of all that this feeling of "getting presents" and of "new beginnings" is a sentiment and experience that will be with you many moments for all your life because this is what it means to BE PRESENT to feel GRATITUDE and to be ready for the next RESET. much blessings Kiran

PS : CoRe software - 23 new builds in 2014 http://energetic-medicine.com/core-software-23-new-builds-in-2014/ let me know what additions you would want to see in 2015

The Albatross
Rebirth – Inspiration – Grace – Coincidence – Wonder – Miracle – the 5th Dimension
Have you sometimes felt like "In a cage" – "No way out". Times when it feels that future is set, at least all the things that really count are on the dark or gray side Read More
The Albatross
22-kg-weight-loss thank-you Ezio
I know Ezio for a very long time, when I first joined the Gurdjief group – he was in it already for 10 years, but only after another 18 years, fate arranged that I asked him to direct the technical support for my new company because he had extensive IT knowledge Read More
The Albatross
Magnetic, TENS, Laser Acupuncture probe and stimulator
The first Acupuncture Applicator that stimulates with Laser Light, TENS electricity as well as a Pulsed Magnetic Field PMFT. This applicator can be used with the Read More