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PURPOSE of disease and suffering – Quadtrinity seminar– New application and software for BEaMEr
The White Whale
Realizing the potential higher purpose of suffering
Eckhart Tolle is the most popular living spiritual teacher because his nature most clearly radiates the unshakable certainty that comes with having gone through the awakening process Read More
I am Ishmael
RESET the informational panacea
When a computer is stuck it repeats the same sequence of code over and over. Studies have shown that for the average person 97 % of thoughts in a day are a repetition of those of the previous day. Read More
The Albatross
Biofeedback to create a grounding experience
This setup has a stunning effect – everyone I tried it on – slept within 10 min – no matter the time of the day or how agitated they were when I connected them & all woke up shortly after with a feeling of being positive and as having had a good nights sleep. Read More



Dear All, Things are coming together – I am very grateful to Marco Paulo and Andrea Gadducci to make it possible to bring CoRe technology to a larger audience. Until now cost and continued education were the hurdles for getting on board. Andrea has found a workable solution for the cost and Marco will share his great experience with over 200 daily patients through an ongoing training schedule. Thank you so much Kiran


Hafiz about the the principle of Entanglement: "There is no pleasure without a tincture of bitterness." & "We are People who need to love, because Love is the soul's life."

The Albatross
BEaMEr biofeedback combined with EMDR
EMDR is part of our CoRe version 6 software HERE and has been found to be a very effective therapy addition. With the BEaMEr we combine it with heartbeat & breath synchronized frequency.Read More
The Albatross
Sensations in feet of 83 year old lady
Vesna from Tenerife has been using her CoRe system and BBR for a few months quite successfully. This is one of my clients/friends. The story is somehow cut short, This is the story i knew nothing. Read More
The Albatross
New series of training's by Marco
as many of you may already know, on February 7th, 8th and 9th 2015 was held in Rome the first International Permanent Seminar on the Bio-Quadtrinity method, held by Andrea Gadducci and his staff for Bio-t. Read More