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New plasma generator - Fasting – BioQuadtrinity seminar in May

The White Whale
How you can also get 100 clients a day like Marco Paulo
after the success of the last seminar in Rome, Bio-t Technology for Life and Quadtrinity Clinic are pleased to invite you to a new edition of the International Permanent Seminar Read More
I am Ishmael
Lets start a new category "FAQ answered by Sonia" so please ask her
Question: Hi Sonia, I have a few questions about the frequency program, can I pick single frequencies from it like 427 K , I have been getting into Hulda Clark a bit. And the one I have is only for specific problem Read More
The Albatross
Change the essence of healing and transformation
Change is Energy and the openness-for-change is potential energy it is the basis of happiness, health and spiritual growth. Change is the basis of any growth and for that reason it is so predominant in youth while declining with age and stopping often Read More




Dear Friends,

We all know that a medical system that is based on making profit in the first place will never promote the most effective, cheapest, most gentle therapy forms if they would decrease the profit. Marco Paulo started a grass root movement that is giving him over 100 patients a day that pay a small monthly fee and decide how often they want to come. Crowdfunding is breaking down the established hierarchical systems of getting money from investors – crowdsourcing of patients will do the same in the field of medicine. Learn more about that and the way Marco is so successful with CoRe at the next seminar in May.


PS: this newsletter goes out on the Easter weekend - what a coincidence for the topic on "How to make use of suffering".

The Albatross
Common Sense Medicine - Fasting even reduces the effects of
n 2014 I did not eat anything for 6 weeks with the Lemonade diet. And this experience not only made me loose 22 kg but more importantly made me feel much more Read More
The Albatross
How to use duality – how to less waste suffering – how to become more
I had a longer conversation with my friend Nirmala, which started about the various new stressors of our health in form of electro-smog through Read More
The Albatross
Redesigned Rife Plasma Generator with some introductory
Presentation of our redesigned Rife Plasma Generator with some introductory ideas how and why it works and what Resonance has to do with the Law of Read More